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Plumtree prosecutor’s nudes circulating on social media platforms

The National Prosecuting Authority of Zimbabwe (NPAZ) is investigating a Plumtree prosecutor over his nude pictures which are circulating on social media platforms.

Social media platforms have been abuzz after the Plumtree-based prosecutor’s nude pictures went viral showing him in compromising positions with several women, some of them working under the Judicial Service Commission.

Allegations are that his wife posted the nudes after she accessed his mobile phone on Monday evening. In a statement, NPAZ said it would not tolerate indiscipline in the prosecution service.

“The NPAZ is committed to taking appropriate disciplinary action if the allegations are found to be credible. Furthermore, the NPAZ expects all prosecutors to conduct themselves with utmost integrity and uphold high ethical standards,” the statement read.

“In the meantime, the NPAZ would like to reassure the public that it remains committed to upholding the highest standards of ethical conduct in the prosecution service and will take all the necessary steps to ensure that the matter is resolved expeditiously.”

In other news – Former finance deputy minister jailed 3 years

Former Finance deputy minister Terrence Mukupe has been sentenced to three-and-a-half years for fraud. Handing down sentence this morning, High Court judge Benjamin Chikowero also slapped Mukupe with a US$12 780 fine for fleecing the State of US$55 591-60 in import duty after he smuggled 189 979 litres of fuel from Mozambique.

The court heard that after smuggling the diesel through Forbes Border Post on January 27, 2017 claiming it was in transit to the DRC, Mukupe and his accomplices sold the fuel in Zimbabwe and later filled the tankers with water before being intercepted at Chirundu Border Post three days later. Read More

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