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Victoria Monét’s daughter becomes the youngest person to be nominated for a Grammy

After the nominations for the 2024 Grammy Awards were announced on Friday, the R&B singer, 34, learned that she was up for seven nominations — including one with her toddler daughter, Hazel. The 2½-year-old is nominated alongside her mother for best traditional R&B performance for the track “Hollywood,” which also features Earth, Wind & Fire. The nomination makes Hazel the youngest Grammy nominee ever.

Her superstar mom told Billboard that the toddler reacted to the news by “being on the phone watching Baby Shark.” “I’m so proud of her, but she has no idea,” she explained to the outlet.

“She’s like, kind of panicking because she doesn’t know why we’re all screaming. I know I’ll be able to explain it to her when she gets older, and she’ll appreciate it because she’s already into music and is starting to write songs unknowingly,” added the artist. “She’s making potty songs and all that kind of stuff. So I’m super excited that this will be something that she has forever. I’m already thinking about her wardrobe for the Grammys.”

Monét told PEOPLE in February that Hazel started taking an interest in music from an early start.

“I see her learning rhythm, trying to catch different cadences and what she’s attracted to in songs. I just really get re-inspired by that innocence and that curiosity about music,” she told PEOPLE.

Before Hazel’s nomination, the record was held by Leah Peasall of the Peasall Sisters, who was 8 years old when the album O Brother, Where Art Thou? was nominated for and awarded Album of the Year at the 44th Annual Grammy Awards.

Before receiving the big news, Monét opened up about the nerves she was feeling on X, formally known as Twitter. She wrote, “Whew I am so nervous it feels like draft day.”

The musician shares Hazel with her boyfriend John Gaines. In announcing in December 2020 that she was expecting, Monét said her pregnancy was”absolutely the best thing that has ever happened to me.”

“Two hearts beat inside of me now…That’s more love. Two brains and two souls…that’s so much power. Been feeling like the ultra super Victoria cause my body is doing such miraculous work. This is the best thing that has ever happened ned to me and I can’t wait to meet my tiny soul mate earth side!!!” she wrote.

Earlier this month, Monét reflected on Instagram about receiving six Soul Train Awards nominations.

“WOOOO!!🥹😭🤯this feeling is something…I am overwhelmed with gratitude!! 6 nominations?! WOW!!! Thank you so much @soultrain @bet for seeing me! 🤎🥲🙏🏾,” she wrote.

In other news – Brazillian Influencer dies after liposuction surgery

Luana Andrade suffered a massive pulmonary embolism while undergoing a liposuction procedure in São Paulo on Nov. 7, according to a hospital statement to local outlet Globo. She was 29. Two and a half hours into the surgery, Andrade went into cardiac arrest and was resuscitated by medical personnel, per the statement translated from Portuguese. When tests revealed she experienced a massive thrombosis—which is when blood clots block veins or arteries—she was transferred to the ICU.

However, she died around 5:30 a.m. local time. The hospital listed her cause of death as a massive pulmonary embolism, which is reportedly a leading cause of death related to liposuction procedures. The type of blood clot typically starts in the leg and blocks blood flow to the lungs, per the Mayo Clinic. Read More

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