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Dave Bautista, Samuel L. Jackson to Star in Red 5 Comic Book Movie Afterburn

After wrapping up production for the drama film “The Last Showgirl,” former WWE Champion Dave Bautista is set to move on to his next silver-screen venture — starring in the post-apocalyptic adventure story of “Afterburn.”

Per Deadline, the “Afterburn” movie will serve as an adaptation of the Red 5 comic series of the same name, with Bautista portraying the character of Jake, an ex-soldier who is now working as a treasure hunter. As a part of his latest mission, Jake will partner with a freedom fighter named Drea in an attempt to gain possession of the famous Mona Lisa before a dangerous warlord retrieves it. Oscar winner Samuel L. Jackson will star alongside Bautista as he takes on the supporting role of freedom fighter Valentine. Filming is scheduled to begin in Europe this April.

Afterburn” will be directed by J.J. Perry, the stuntman-turned-director who recently led the filming for Lionsgate’s “The Killer’s Game,” which also features Bautista in its cast. Neal H. Moritz and Toby Jaffe of Original Film are set to come aboard the film as producers alongside Steve Richards of Endurance Media. In addition to his on-screen portrayal as Jake, Bautista will also serve as one of the movie’s producers through his company Dogbone Entertainment.

Jaffe provided a statement on this upcoming film project, describing it as a mix of two other popular cinematic pieces. “‘Afterburn’ is a terrific action story, combining the fun of ‘Indiana Jones’ with the near future world building of ‘Children of Men’. J.J. is going to bring this to life in a thrilling way, using real practical stunt work to create authentic, visceral set pieces. Dave is one of the leading action stars in the world today, as well as being an actor with real soul and versatility. So excited to be making Afterburn with them both

Source: wrestlinginc

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SPAR worker

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