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DJ Sbu blasted for siding with DJ Maphorisa

Two of the most loved South African musicians DJ Maphorisa and Prince Kaybee engaged in a heated twar after Maphorisa went live and explained how owning masters works. Kaybee accused Maphorisa of being unfair after Maphorisa shared that any song’s masters belonged to him if the song was made using his resources and equipment.

The debate continued as the pair spewed insults and resorted to name calling. And now DJ Sbu has weighed in and seemingly agreed with Maphorisa’s sentiments.

His comments on the matter have left social media users convinced that he exploited late singer Zahara.

DJ Maphorisa

Last week locals artists DJ Maphorisa and Prince Kaybee left X users highly entertained after they engaged in a big debate about music masters.

According to Maphorisa, the masters should belong to the person whose studio and equipment was used.

“When you record music on my computer, my studio, with my electricity. That sh*t is mine. It belongs to me”, he said.

Responding to this, Kaybee argued that making music was a joint effort and that providing artists with food or lights should not mean he owned the masters.

This didn’t sit well with Maphorisa who resorted to calling Kaybee a “p0rnstar”.

Prince Kaybee

While social media users seemingly thought that Maphorisa was being a little greedy, DJ Sbu has come out to say that he is 100% correct.

In a new video, Sbu explains how paying for electricity and owning the studio would make Maphorisa the owner of the music.

He also advised musicians to discuss everything first.

Meanwhile, X users have now accused him of actually robbing late star Zahara who accused him of owing her millions.

“Not surprised that he will say this. It’s unfortunate that he took advantage of his artists because these conversations were not held back then,” one person said while another wrote:

“He did the same thing to Zahara”

“Sbu shouldn’t have weighed in this 1, especially after the unending dragging by the late Zahara. This shows that Sahara was right about something or was not informed well on purpose while she was still excited”


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