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Job Sikhala convicted again

The Harare Magistrates Court has today convicted former Zengeza West lawmaker, Job Sikhala of charges of publishing falsehoods.

The Court concluded that the Facebook account that posted the alleged falsehoods belonged to Sikhala because it had his name and his face.

Job Sikhala

Sikhala had denied owning the Facebook Account.

Source: zimeye

In other news – Lulu Menziwa shows off her lovely outfit for the day

Lulu Menziwa, named South Africa’s hottest teacher.  Apart from being a school teacher, Lulu is noticed for the way she dresses while in the classroom. While some argued that there is nothing she can do about her striking hourglass figure, others shared that she could wear loose-fitting clothes.

Lulu Menziwa

This time Menziwa – who is famous for her figure-hugging clothes and almost unclad photos – posed in tight brown pleather pants with a bodysuit to match. Read more

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