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Kim Kardashian stressful life affecting her skin?

Kim Kardashian has a larger-than-life lifestyle to maintain. That can often be extremely stressful and affect the body, in this case, her skin Sharing the condition on social media, the L.A. native shared she has psoriasis, a skin disease that triggers irritating patches in the skin.

In the clip on Instagram, the condition was visible on the 43-year-old’s legs.How crazy is my psoriasis right now guys? It’s like all up my leg, I don’t know what’s happening, but I gotta figure this out, this is crazy,” Kim added.

Commenting on the matter, skincare expert Amish Patel weighed in on the flare-ups suggesting the condition is due to stress.

Kim Kardashian

“Psoriasis can flare up for a variety of reasons such as stress, sunburn, being unwell recently, through a graze to the skin, cold, dry weather, and even changes in hormones,” she told The Mirror.

Noting, “Given Kim’s busy jet set lifestyle, there could be numerous factors at play. To combat the skin disease, the expert said, “Because triggers can vary from person to person it’s more about finding out what triggers your psoriasis and managing these contributing factors as best you can

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