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Cop fined US$200 for culpable homicide

A Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) member was fined US$200 by a magistrate following his conviction for culpable homicide.

Farai Muchandisiye (37) appeared before a Norton Magistrate facing two charges: (1) culpable homicide, and (2) failing to report an accident to the Police.

He was also found guilty on the second charge and was fined US$100.

According to the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA), on 19 February 2024 at around 8 PM, Muchandisiye, who was driving a Toyota Wish along the Harare-Bulawayo road ran over Tanaka Danhire (20) as he was trying to cross the road.

The accused person ferried the now-deceased to the hospital where he died upon admission. The accused did not report the accident to the Police.

Muchandisiye pleaded guilty to the charges and was sentenced to a fine of US$200 or 2 months imprisonment for count 1.

He was sentenced to a further US$100 fine or 1 month imprisonment for count 2.

Culpable homicide is defined by Section 49 of the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act as the unlawful killing of another person due to negligence or recklessness. The section reads as follows:

Any person who causes the death of another person:

(a) negligently failing to realize that death may result from his or her conduct; or

(b) realising that death may result from his or her conduct and negligently failing to guard
against that possibility;

shall be guilty of culpable homicide and liable to imprisonment for life or any shorter period or
a fine up to or exceeding level fourteen or both.

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