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Harare man misses his wedding after being caught up in money changer blitz

A man from Warren Park, Harare, reportedly missed his wedding after he was caught up among more than 60 suspected illegal foreign currency dealers who were arrested last week.

The National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) on Monday 22 April 2024, confirmed the arrest of 65 suspects, saying they were charged with contravening section 5(1)(a)(ii) of the Exchange Control Act [Chapter 22:05] as read with section 4(1)(a)(1) of the Exchange Control Regulations SI 109 of 1996 “Dealing in foreign currency”.

As reported by H-Metro, Lardmio Ruvisi of Warren Park 1, told the NPA’s vetting office that when he was arrested on Independence Day, he was looking for United States dollars to finalise his wedding preparations.

The court heard that on Independence Day, a team of detectives was conducting an operation against illegal forex traders.

They conducted surveillance at the corner of Sir Seretse Khama Street (former Angwa Street) and George Silundika Avenue and spotted Ruvisi dealing in foreign currency.

The detectives allegedly approached him and Bianca Masvaure and requested him to transfer Buddie airtime for ZiG130 equivalent to US$10.

Masvaure gave Ruvisi US$10 who then failed to transfer the airtime to Masvaure’s phone. He was arrested.

The 65 suspects are now set to spend another night behind bars as the state will be making written submissions to oppose bail by the end of today and the defence will also make written submissions.

Self-exiled former Foreign Affairs Minister Walter Mzembi says the arrest of money changers has turned the whole country into a crime scene as a lot of people source foreign currency from the streets to pay for some important goods and services. He posted on X:

Forex Black market trade in Zimbabwe is very official as long as fuel and other services are priced and sold in USD.

Has the Government ever asked car drivers their source of funds for the fuel they buy ? It’s dumb to turn ZiG into an Arresting Officer.

An entire country has been turned into a crime scene & everyone into a potential criminal.

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