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Jonathan Moyo says Tendai Biti is running away from responsibility

Self-exiled former ZANU PF Politburo member Jonathan Moyo has accused former Finance Minister Tendai Biti of cowardice following the latter’s announcement that he was taking a sabbatical from politics.

Moyo said opposition leaders in Zimbabwe tend to run away from responsibility.

This comes after the former CCC leader Nelson Chamisa quit the party in January this year, alleging infiltration by ZANU PF, followed by Fadzayi Mahere and Allan Markham who resigned from Parliament a few days later.

Posting on Twitter, Moyo said Biti is just like Chamisa, Mahere, and Markham who “bolted out” and ran away from responsibility. He said:

Tendai Biti is cut from the same cloth. Only some 60 or so days after he boldly declared that he was CCC Vice President elected by that party’s congress and that he was “going nowhere”, now he says he is actually going somewhere after all; by taking “time out”; taking a “sabbatical” to go to Washington DC, of all places.

And he’s saying this at a time when he’s in fact due to take over – something he accepted to do when he knew at that time that he was due to go to the US by this fall – as CCC acting president under the ‘rotational’ arrangement they agreed to as the ‘leadership collective’ under the ‘Gweru Resolutions’.

Effectively, like Chamisa, Mahere, and Markham, Biti is bolting out. He is running away from leadership responsibility. This makes sense of their mantra that they ‘need new leaders’!

Biti recently announced that he is temporarily stepping away from politics, despite earlier reports indicating that he was expected to assume the role of CCC president in rotation with the current leader, Welshman Ncube and Lynette Karenyi Kore.

Speaking on HSTV’s #FreeTalk show, Biti said he had withdrawn from politics to focus on other spaces but will remain driven to attain democratic change in Zimbabwe.

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