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Prosecutor in Henrietta Rushwaya’s gold smuggling case convicted of fraud after demanding US$20 000 bribe

Pardon Dziva, who was prosecuting in Zimbabwe Miners Federation president Henrietta Rushwaya’s gold smuggling case has been convicted of fraud by the Harare Magistrates Court.

Dziva and his accomplice Alex Tombe were both found guilty of demanding a US$20 000 bribe, from Rushwaya, to help her get a lighter sentence.

Rushwaya was arrested in 2020 at the Robert Mugabe International Airport after she was caught trying to smuggle gold bars weighing 6kgs to Dubai.

She was convicted in 2023, fined US$5 000, and given a wholly suspended 18 months jail term. The gold worth US$330 000 she was caught trying to smuggle was forfeited by the State.

According to the prosecution, Helliate Rushwaya a sister to Henrietta tipped the Zimbabwe Republic Police Anti-Corruption Unit (ZACC) after being told that Dziva was demanding a US$20 000 bribe.

“It is the State’s case that on the 15th of November 2023, the first accused person demanded USD20 000 from Wellington Takavarasha to facilitate a lighter sentence for Henrietta Rushwaya who had been convicted of smuggling by a Harare High Court Judge.

“Wellington Takavarasha told Henrietta Rushwaya’s sister, Helliate Rushwaya of the first accused person’s demand. Helliate Rushwaya reported the matter to the Zimbabwe Republic Police Anti-Corruption Unit who set a trap for the accused person”, said the National Prosecuting Authority.

Dziva and his accomplice were arrested after Helliate tipped ZACC and handed over trap money to them.

“Helliate Rushwaya agreed to meet the accused persons at CABS Centre whereupon the second accused person approached Helliate Rushwaya and indicated that he had been sent to collect the money by the first accused. Helliate Rushwaya refused to hand over the money and insisted on handing it over to the first accused.

“They drove to Kebbab Restaurant in Milton Park where they met the first accused. The first accused proceeded to Helliate Rushwaya’s motor vehicle where she handed over the trap money before the accused persons were both subsequently arrested”.

Dziva and Tembo will be back in court on 4 June 2024 for their pre-sentencing hearing.


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