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Machete-wielding touts clash in Mutare CBD

Two people were seriously injured when two rival machete-wielding tout gangs clashed at Sakubva Bus Terminus in Mutare on Thursday last week.

According to The Manica Post, armed police officers descended on the rank and fired warning shots in the air to quell the violence.

A witness who requested anonymity told the publication that the clashes escalated to the Harare Old Rank in the CBD where police gunshots and dogs were needed to restore order. Said the witness:

The police had to be called at the Harare Old Rank after a commuter omnibus full of machete-wielding touts arrived from Sakubva Bus Terminus, and a fight broke out between touts stationed at the town rank and their rivals.

We heard that the kombi full of touts came to attack those stationed here because two of them had been injured by some goons at Sakubva Bus Terminus.

It was a scary scene as they were just beating up people indiscriminately along the way. Only police gunshots and dogs managed to stop them.

The others ran away, and the police were still looking for them.

Some touts were arrested and taken to Mutare Central Police Station.

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