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Armed robbers kill 49-year-old Rwandan businessman during home raid in Harare

A Rwandan national was shot and killed by armed robbers who broke into his house in Harare on Friday night.

Police said Samuel Habimana was shot in the neck at his Mainway Meadows home in Waterfalls when a four-man gang forced their way into the seven-roomed house.

Habimana lived at the house with his wife, housekeeper, and son who is in Form 1 at a local school.

The couple owned 10 30-tonne trucks and a grocery shop in central Harare.

According to the Police, Habimana and his wife arrived home at 9.30 PM and sent their 28-year-old housekeeper to retrieve groceries left in the car.

She ran back into the house to report that she had seen four men looking over the perimeter wall.

The robbers jumped into the yard and used a crowbar to open and force their way through the kitchen door which Habimana had now locked. A Police statement seen by ZimLive reads:

One of the robbers fired one shot which hit Habimana on the neck and he collapsed. The robbers searched Habimana’s trouser pockets and took an unknown amount of cash.

The robbers reportedly demanded cash from Habimana’s 42-year-old wife and she handed over US$60 after telling the robbers that they don’t keep money at home.

They then took her mobile phone, keys for the grocery shop stored in her purse and the digital video recorder for the CCTV before leaving the house.

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