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‘Sengezo Tshabangu a fraud and ZANU PF puppet’

Former CCC Member of Parliament Fadzayi Mahere said Sengezo Tshabangu’s move to appoint himself as the Leader of the Opposition in Parliament is a “fraud”.

This week, Tshabangu, who claims to be CCC’s Interim Secretary General, changed the party’s leadership in Parliament and also appointed himself Leader of The Opposition.

The changes came after Parliament rescinded the appointments that were made by Jameson Timba in February this year.

Posting on social media, Mahere said Tshabangu is a ZANU PF puppet who has no mandate from CCC members or people who voted for the opposition party in the 2023 harmonized elections. She wrote:

This fraud on the will of the people lies at the heart of my decision to resign from the farce that is Zimbabwe’s Parliament as currently configurated. This tragic outcome was foreseeable to any person paying attention.

The reality is that he is a ZANU PF puppet and his formation is a ZANU PF construct, created to do its bidding. Zimbabwe has been reduced to an effective one-party state.

He was never the leader of CCC nor did he hold any office that would make him remotely capable of making decisions for members. No values. No honour. No mandate from the membership or the people.

Participating in this ZANU PF-engineered joke of a “Parliament” could never be me. Zimbabwe runs a whipping system.

How could I possibly agree to be whipped by someone who is whipped by ZANU PF? What about the people who elected me to stand for change and hold ZANU PF to account?

Mahere said the elevation of Tshabangu to the role of Leader of the Opposition in Parliament is part of President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s strategy to secure an unconstitutional third term. She added:

That’s why they’ve decimated Parliament and installed a puppet opposition that pushes their agenda. Zimbabweans should not put up with any further violations of the Constitution. Don’t be co-opted into their toxic power grab. It’s a mess.

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