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Kapfupi blames evil forces for his struggles, says ‘witchcraft is real’

Comedian and musician Freddy Manjalima, better known as Kapfupi, said that he, and his son Clive, are struggling due to witchcraft and sabotage by “haters”.

Kapfupi rose to fame at the turn of the millennium as a comedian before he ventured into music.

He released his debut album “Uchakanga Waya” in 2005. In 2010 he released “Mai Nga”, the same year he won an accolade in the Song of the Year category of the National Arts Merit Awards.

However, around 2015, Kapfupi failed to release an album due to financial problems, and since then, his fortunes have seemed to plummet.

In an interview with The Sunday Mail on the sidelines of Simon Mutambi’s recent album launch in Waterfalls, Kapfupi claimed that his misfortune is due to the influence of evil forces that have been set against him. He said:

Witchcraft is real; it has destroyed my life. I have close friends and relatives who do not want me to succeed. They are working hard to destroy me using juju.


Even if I am to get financial assistance today, I doubt that will help much in reviving my career. I first need to be cleansed of evil spirits that are haunting me.

My son Clive is also struggling in the music industry, and I believe it is because of the same spell that is affecting me. Anyone willing to assist can get in touch with me.

I need to act so that my son does not suffer like me. He is now five years into the music industry, yet he has nothing to show for it. There is certainly something wrong with our family.

Kapfupi said he needed deliverance from evil spirits so that he could revive his career. He added:

I am currently facing serious financial challenges and struggling to look after my family. I made a big sacrifice to attend this launch because I have a long history with Mutambi.

I could have bought his new album like my fellow musicians did, but I cannot do so because I am broke.

Kapfupi is one of several artistes who have been given cars by controversial businessman Wicknell Chivayo. He said:

I want to thank Sir Wicknell for the precious gift. I no longer had a car. I was using public transport and walked for shorter distances. It was so embarrassing for a popular figure like me.

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