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UK Prison Female Officer in Inmate S.ex Video

Authorities have taken action following the emergence of a disturbing social media video purportedly depicting a member of prison staff engaged in an act with an inmate within the confines of HMP Wandsworth.

The Metropolitan Police launched an investigation into the incident after becoming aware of the video on Friday. They swiftly arrested a woman on suspicion of misconduct in public office. The arrest was made the same day, and the individual is currently in police custody.

HMP Wandsworth, situated in southwest London, is classified as a category B men’s prison. The gravity of the situation prompted a swift response from law enforcement and the Ministry of Justice.

A spokesperson from the Metropolitan Police stated, “Enquiries continue. We remain in close contact with the Ministry of Justice.” Meanwhile, a representative from the Prison Service affirmed their zero-tolerance policy towards staff corruption, emphasizing that the former prison officer allegedly involved in the video has been reported to the police.

In light of the ongoing investigation, both the police and prison authorities have refrained from further comment, citing the need for due process and the seriousness of the allegations.

Watch the Prison Office Video Here…

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