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Zimbabwean truck drivers disappear with maize load in South Africa

In a startling incident reported by Vehicle Trackers’ X account (formerly Twitter), two Zimbabwean truck drivers have gone missing along with a substantial 68 tonnes of maize in South Africa. The disappearance occurred during what was expected to be a routine transport from Germiston to Durban.

The drivers involved have been identified as Tinashe Matare, who was reportedly using Peter Moyo’s driver’s licence, and Arthur Nyamayaro. They were last seen on July 9, 2024, when they allegedly absconded with the valuable cargo, leaving behind a trail of uncertainty and concern.

The trucks involved in the disappearance are a Scania R420 bearing registration number KC41NT-GP and an International truck registered as KF27RZ-GP. These vehicles, along with the maize they were transporting, have yet to be located, prompting questions about the circumstances surrounding the incident.

Authorities are investigating whether the drivers were victims of a hijacking or if they orchestrated the disappearance themselves. The lack of clarity has compounded the situation, raising fears about the security and integrity of transport operations in the region.

The disappearance of such a large quantity of maize has significant implications, not only in terms of economic losses but also in highlighting vulnerabilities within the transport and logistics sector. Efforts are underway to track down the missing drivers and recover the stolen goods, but as of now, the whereabouts of Matare, Nyamayaro, and the missing trucks remain unknown.

In other news – Ireland implements Visa requirements for South Africa and Botswana

Starting next week, citizens of Botswana and South Africa planning to travel to Ireland will need to obtain a visa, as announced by Minister for Justice Helen McEntee. Previously, travelers from these countries could enter Ireland without a visa, given their designation as safe countries of origin.

The decision comes in response to a notable rise in international protection applications from Botswana and South Africa, as highlighted by the Department of Justice. Despite not being among the top five nationalities seeking protection in Ireland (which include Nigeria, Jordan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Somalia), the influx of applications has prompted this policy change. Read More

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