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Baby girl was found abandoned in a rubbish bag

I was overcome with joy that the baby was alive, sound asleep inside the yellow blanket. I couldn’t understand who would do such a thing to an angel like this,” said Noxolo Gumede.

The 23-year-old student from Pietermaritzburg was walking from campus residences to a bus station with a friend when she noticed a rubbish bag on the side of the road.

From inside of it there peeked a clean yellow blanket. “I thought it was odd that someone would throw away a blanket in such good condition” she added.

When she tried to pick up the bag and realised that it was heavy, she was too scared to look inside. She walked across the road to ask for help from security guards. They walked over to the bag, but were also too scared to open it.

Gumede plucked up the courage to open the bag, only to discover a baby inside.

She immediately fell in love with the baby girl, as she held her tightly and named her Nkanyezi, which means “star” in isiZulu.


Noxolo Gumede


Gumede was aware that even though she would love to keep the baby, she would have to hand her over to authorities.

She and the security guards took the baby to Berea Police station in Durban, where a case was opened and their statements were taken.

The entire time, she held baby Nkanyezi, and took selfies with her and posted about her on Facebook.

The police have been calling to update me about her … she was taken to hospital for a check-up and she is very healthy and was discharged,” Gumede said.

KwaZulu-Natal police spokesperson Captain Ngobile Gwala said no one had claimed the baby, which had been taken to a place of safety.

She confirmed that a case of abandonment had been opened

Gumede said: “I was despondent when I was told that the process of adoption is a lengthy one because my family and I are willing to give her a home. I wish it was easier.”

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