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Mugabe always sleeps in public because he married a wrong wife says Mapfumo

Zimbabwean musician Thomas Mapfumo says that President Robert Mugabe’s public sleeping incidents are because he married a wrong wife in First Lady Grace Mugabe.

In a wide ranging interview on Voice of America radio on Wednesday night, Mapfumo said that the problems Mugabe is going through are all to blame on his wife Grace who he described as a curse to the President.

Mapfumo described First Lady Grace Mugabe as a gold digger who struck a huge jackpot in being married to Mugabe and is not worried about helping the 93 year old President but more on enriching herself.

According to Mapfumo culturally when a man as old as Mugabe marries a wife as young as Grace he will be looking for someone to guide him and help him administer his affairs of which according to him Grace Mugabe is doing the opposite


Robert Mugabe

If Mugabe was happy at home he would not be sleeping in public as he does, it shows that he is tired and stressed at home and this is now coming out through his public sleeping,” said the once Mugabe loyal Chimurenga Music singer.
Mapfumo accused Grace of trying to push President Mugabe to announce her as his successor instead of taking a back seat and guiding the aged President.

“There is no advice that she is giving Mugabe other than trying to push him to appoint her as his successor,” said Mapfumo.

On the more than 40 years age difference between the two, Mapfumo said there was nothing unique with that as there are several old man who have married younger wives and the young wives are capably taking care of their husbands and advising them properly not usurping their position in the marriage as Grace is doing to Mugabe.

Mugabe married the 41 years younger former Secretary Grace on August 17, 1999 after the death of his first wife Sally.

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