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Update of Mai Msika’s burial at the Heroes Acre: Pictures

The service chiefs have arrived at Stodart Hall thousands of people are gathered at the National Heroes Acre to bid farewell to Maria Msika, the widow of the late Vice President Joseph Msika.

President Mugabe

Gogo Maria Msika contributed immensely to the liberation struggle and championed women emancipation in Zimbabwe. She died last Friday at her Highlands home in Harare at the age of 89. Born on 17 May in 1928 in Bechuanaland now Botswana, Mrs Msika was the eldest in a family of six.

She did her primary education at Tsesebe before heading to Gaberone to do her secondary education at St Joseph Khale Catholic school.

Mai Msika's body
The body of Maria Musika arriving at the Heroes Acre

The funeral procession is now heading to the National Heroes Acre. President Mugabe and First Lady Amai Grace Mugabe have arrived.The President will now lead the body viewing ceremony.


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