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EFF President, Julius Malema spoke on the recent Xenophobia attacks in South Africa during his address at an EFF rally in Eastern Cape today. Said Malema,

We are all Africans. We must love one another. Showing love to those who come from Mozambique, showing love to those who come from Guinea, from Egypt, from Nigeria is self-love. When you love yourself, you will love fellow South Africans.

You say the people from Nigeria and Zimbabwe are taking our jobs. But here are whites in South Africa who don’t have papers. They entered here legally. The Chines, some of them do not have papers. You don’t call them Amakwerekwere. You don’t beat them up but you beat fellow Africans, why? You hate yourself.

Love yourself so much that when you see a Zimbabwean, when you see a Nigerian, you must see yourself. If there are people who are committing crime, let us fight crime. Let us not say Nigerians are committing crime. Let us not say Zimbabweans are committing crime. We must say, “we must fight criminals, whether you are Zimbabwean, whether you are Nigerian, whether you are South African, you are a criminal, you must be arrested and sent to jail for a very long time.” Because it is not only Nigerians and Zimbabweans who are committing crime in South Africa. Even our own South Africans are raping children, are raping old people are killing women in South Africa. So let’ us not say it is only foreigners who are committing crime. Deal with the real issues.

If don’t want to vote for EFF because the EFF says we must protect the Zimbabweans and Nigerians. Take your vote and give it to those next door. We don’t want a vote of Xenophobia. We don’t want a vote self-hate. We want a vote of people who love themselves, who love black people, who protect black people, who will do everything for black people.

We are a cursed nation. They don’t want us anywhere, so when you see black, defend it, because black is hated.

Watch video below:

Source: MbareTimes

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