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14 Christians die in Hwedza

A truck driver lost control of his vehicle on Monday at Mugodhi Apostolic Faith Church headquarters at Hwedza and hit several congregants who gathered to celebrate #Easter

Fourteen people have been confirmed dead and several injured.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has declared the tragic incident as a State of Disaster and instructed government departments to assist the bereaved families.

In a statement issued on Tuesday President Mnangagwa said:

Mugodhi Apostolic Faith Church

On behalf of the party ,ZANU PF, Government and on my own behalf I wish to convey my deep, heartfelt condolences to all bereaved families and to all members of the Mugodhi Apostolic Faith Church.

The whole nations joins them in mourning as they go through the painful motions of this horrendous accident.

Source: Bulawayonews

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