DJ Stavo moves to Canada

Popular Zimbabwean wheel-spinner Steven “DJ Stavo” Sanders is moving on to Canada after a successful tour in Florida last month.

Dj Stavo is no stranger to international tours, his next stop will be in Toronto, Canada where he is set to showcase his skills on April 18.

“I’m ready to make my country proud, I think Canada will get much of the tour because on the 18 April I will be celebrating my country’s independence.

“Shout out to everyone that came through Invasion 2019, Miami was a blast it’s truly amazing seeing Africans coming together and celebrating,” he said.


Apart from Toronto, Dj Stavo is also scheduled to tour Texas, Ohio, New York and Maryland.

He said the tours are a major breakthrough in his musical career.

“I’m able to entertain a number of people of various races, this also helps me get a number of international audience’s attention to my music,” he said.

Stavo who has worked with a number of local artists like Roki, Jah Prayzah and Gemma Griffith is very confident he would have gained so much experience at the end of the scheduled tours.

Source: MbareTimescom

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