Meet actor who boasts of big manh00d

A Zimbabwean musician has boasted about how he is using his manh00d to make a fortune, the same way you would use any talent you have to earn a living.

Kudzi Savanhu is boasting that ladies are coming from as far as Europe in order to enjoy his unique organ which he claims is a natural wonder.

Speaking to local tabloid H-Metro, Savanhu said: “I think I am naturally gifted when it comes to this manh00d that has made me some few thousands within a short space of time.


“Women love how I use it in bed and they say its size and form is unique. This made me realise that I could use my natural wonder to make money when I got intimate with a local business lady who paid me just to appreciate the pleasure and satisfaction that she got from me.

” …I am enjoying it because it’s fun and getting money in that easy way.

“When I realised about the unique package that I have and the talent I have on using it, I thought of making money and advertising myself on several dating and fling sites…I have six clients that have actually come from SA and Europe just to enjoy me.”

According to H-Metro, Savanhu has a movie titled Money Is The Root of All Evil set to be released in May.

Source: MbareTimescom

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