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Mliswa calls for resignation & arrest of wife beating Vice-President Mohadi

Firebrand independent legislator for Norton, Temba Mliswa has demanded the immediate resignation and further prosecution of Vice President Kembo Mohadi who reportedly stormed the home of his estranged wife weekend and threatened to shoot her.

Mohadi doubles as Minister in charge of national peace and reconciliation in the country.

The VP and Tambudzani Mohadi have been involved in a protracted wrangle over property after they parted ways few years ago.

Things came to a head weekend when Mohadi, accompanied by 25 police officers and aides, reportedly stormed his ex-wife’s home and seized cars.

Mohadi is said to have used an axe to break doors and went on to poke his former wife with a steel bar.

The VP was not arrested despite committing the alleged abuse in front of police officers.

However, in an interview with NewZimbabwe.com Monday, Mliswa demanded the arrest of the VP for domestic violence.

“The President must issue a statement on that. The law must take its course because no one is above the law in this country. We do not expect anyone to put a report on this because the evidence speaks for itself. The laws are clear,” he said.

“The VP must appear before the courts or we will call for private prosecution as what happened to (former Zanu PF MP) Munyaradzi Kereke. Mohadi deserves to be in Chikurubi (Maximum prison). No wonder why Robert Mugabe never wanted that man to be a vice president. He is a murderer and must ship out.”

Mliswa added, “His behaviour is criminal, deplorable to say the least; it is barbaric, unheard of. Abusing a woman, abusing a mother in that regard in front of the children too.

“You will hasten to think where is the wisdom in appointing a person like him into that portfolio?

“It is not the first time he has done this but, several times. His records show that he has always abused his office from Minister of Home Affairs and influencing ZIMRA officials and also committed a lot of crimes ranging from rape, smuggling and changing the entire police unit at Beitbridge Border Post.”

Mliswa questioned police’s commitment to upholding the rule of law in the country after faiing to arrest the VP.

He said Police Commissioner General Godwin Matanga should issue a statement on the police’s apparent in action in the wake of the violence.

“The Police Commissioner General must respond to why so many police officers were deployed to go and intimidate and take action against a woman in that regard.

“VP Mohadi has disregarded the courts of this country. There is a court order which gave the wife a right to have those properties.

“He has been known to grab what does not belong to him, threatening whites outside the land reform programme; he has judgments against him for taking what was not his.

“VP Mohadi is always short of what is expected of him in this country yet he is the leader who is supposed to be a role model. We are lobbying for the sanctions to be removed and he is certainly dancing to the tune of the Americans in saying there is no rule of law in Zimbabwe…” he said.

Source: MbareTimescom

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