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Controversial Harare businessman Wicknell Chivayo, affectionately known as Sir Wicknell by his legion of fans, last Friday welcomed baby number two and this time it is a girl.

The business mogul, who is married to Sonja Madzikanda, welcomed his first offspring, a baby boy, John Chenjera, on January 19, last year.

Chivayo was on cloud nine last week as he took to social media to announce the arrival of the couple’s bundle of joy whom they named Atarah Minana.

“GOOD MORNING ZIMBABWE . . . Please help me welcome our daughter ATARAH MINANA CHIVAYO to this world . . . Born yesterday on (hallo) FRIDAY (chishanu zuva reropa) 29 MARCH 2019 . . . GOD IS THE GREATEST . . .,” tweeted Chivayo.

It could not be ascertained whether his celebration of the birth had anything to do with the day of birth, (Hallo Friday).

Friday is generally regarded as a happy day as it signals the end of the working week, marking the beginning of merry-making.It was also on a Friday (March 22) that the businessman was recently acquitted of fraud involving over $5 million by the High Court.

Chivayo is also a member of the apostolic sect – Johane Masowe YeChishanu – which respects Fridays as their day of worship. However, the news of the newly born baby was received with mixed feelings by his fans who responded to his social media platforms.

Some were happy for him and congratulated him, while others were jealous and took the opportunity to mock him.

Keith Shamu said: “Fambai nebhora baba. Team yakabaiwa. Congratulations . . .Wish u many more. Lol.” Bruce Dzangare posted: “Sir your pace hey muri mupostori zveshuwa mukuteedza chitsidzo congratulations” Wilbert Nyahada Nyati: “Congrats Sir Wicknell, haaa murikufamba nebhora mdara. Happy for you”.

While some were congratulating him, others were green with envy, to an extent of ‘ “advising” him to go for a DNA test like he did with his first child.

Albert Chirandu Pfuwai had this to say: “Kana pasina DNA baba Chivayo hatisi kubvuma pedzisayi zvamakatanga, DNA = a genuine chivayo Miles Tonde, posted: “Congratulations but don’t forget to show us the DNA results ka. You know the drill.”

Pankanayi Baxter Masiiwa said: “What happened to showing us the DNA tests results like you did naJohn? Please don’t stop what you started. Until you bring DNA tests results no congratulations,” Clifford Chandipa, questioned why people were using hate speech instead of congratulating Chivayo and wife.

“Why do people have to be negative pa post yemwana nhai?? Ko kungoti Makorokoto,” he said.

Last year, Chivayo was forced to conduct the test after people mocked him saying that the baby was not his. After the test he responded saying: “I posted a picture of my handsome baby boy and insulting comments and inbox messages came in thousands — heee HAASI WAKO, TARISA MAOKO AYO baba vemwana iyeye mukaradhi , iwe 37 years usina mwana saka chimbomira nyaya yako tinoiziva HAUZVARE and many more you know just how LETHAL broke people are . . . Then i decide to post the DNA results again you scream at me again WANYADZISA MUKADZI , why were you doubting in the first place . . . this and that . . . MA ZIMBABWEANS I CANT DEAL . . . It’s only in Zimbabwe where people make a big issue about PATERNITY tests otherwise it has become common practice WORLD OVER . . . Especially madzimai emu Zimbabwe haadi kunzwa nyaya dze ma DNA because makajaira ku chengetesa varume vana vasiri vavo . . . Anyway CASE CLOSED kana paine arwadziwa TOUGH LUCK . . .”

Source: MbareTimescom

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