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War vets slam bread price hike

THE Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association (ZNLWVA) has condemned the unjustified increase in the prices of basic commodities and called on responsible authorities to take urgent measures to protect citizens.

In a statement, ZNLWVA national spokesperson Cde Douglas Mahiya said the increase in bread price was a calculated move meant to dampen the independence celebrations and incite the public to revolt against the Government.

“The ZNLWVA notes with utter disgust the malevolent bread price increase by bakeries,” he said. “This cruel assault on the welfare of the poor and less privileged is an attempt to copy-cat the template of national disturbances that were witnessed in the Arab world.

“The unjustified bread price increase is clearly a political weapon by the baking cartel. This is clearly a calculated move meant to anger the public and make them to revolt against the constitutionally elected Government.

“The move is also meant to sabotage President Mnangagwa’s Vision 2030 and as war veterans we will stand to defend the economic programmes by our President.

“We strongly condemn this profiteering habit by bakers and we urge them to desist from the habit of making unjustified profits at the expense of the poor.”

Cde Mahiya said ZNLWVA will stand with the people and make sure the unjustified profiteering will not succeed.

“We will make sure this cartel bites the dust,” he said. “This is to ensure that the Zimbabwe revolution we fought heroically as young people thrives and succeeds. The Vision 2030 and goal of a middle income economy will be pursued with unremitting vigour.”

Cde Mahiya called on Government to take measures which ensured that citizens were protected.

“We call upon the Ministers of Industry, Finance and Justice to take drastic and decisive measures to deal with these cartels. All initiatives must be put in place to ensure that all basics are affordable to everyone,” he said.

Cde Mahiya said the spirit of independence celebrations should not be dampened by bad apples in the economic body system.

Begining last week, a loaf of bread is being sold for $3,50. up from $2.

Source – Herald

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