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Zimbabwe will rise again

Zimbabwe is on a path to rebuild its economy and through greater social cohesion and unity, the country shall rise again, President Emmerson Mnangagwa has said.

The country’s future depended on national engagement and openness as well as the ability by Zimbabweans to push national interest ahead of egotism, he said.

Economic commentators and political analysts yesterday buttressed President Mnangagwa’s sentiments saying although enormous challenges confront the economy, they were surmountable.

Addressing thousands of people at the 39th Independence celebrations in Harare on Thursday, President Mnangagwa said the future was bright.

“As we celebrate our independence, our land and our people, we look forward to a future of engagement and openness; reform and modernisation; innovation and education.

“As a listening President, my ear will remain attentive to all Zimbabweans as we join hands for greater social cohesion and unity. We must always put the nation ahead of self-interest, as we recommit ourselves to a legacy of peace, love, unity, harmony and development.

“Together, we are building a new economy and a new future. Zimbabwe shall rise again.”

President Mnangagwa said despite enduring years of difficulties, this country and its people had survived and never lost hope.

Therefore, in celebrating 39 years of freedom, it was paramount to self-introspect on the honouring of national values.

“Let us instead seek to blossom, thrive and prosper as a nation, as a people, towards a brighter future in the Zimbabwe we all want.”

Political analyst Mr Godwine Mureriwa said President Mnangagwa’s optimism of a brighter future was driven by a clear understanding of the direction his administration was taking.

“The challenges Zimbabwe faces today are indeed enormous, but certainly not insurmountable. We need to be united, peaceful and hardworking in all our endeavours. This is the only way to bust sanctions imposed on us by our former colonisers and detractors. We are resourced enough to unlock the potential in agriculture, mining and tourism.”

Mr Mureriwa said the country’s future was bright on the back of the current efforts to create a conducive atmosphere for local and foreign investment, infrastructural development and support to the manufacturing sector.

University of Zimbabwe Department of Economics chairperson Professor Albert Makochekanwa said President Mnangagwa needed to ensure that all the policy measures being introduced by Government are implemented.

“Government needs to go a step further like what the President said. Let us not end on measures, but we want implementation of those measures and arms of Government that are supposed to implement them must play their part.

“In the past we have always been told about new measures being introduced and the ample potential that Zimbabwe has, but not much has improved.

“It is good that the President says that Zimbabwe is on the path to recovery, but there is need to go further and see the implementation of those measures.”

President Mnangagwa said collective efforts between citizens at home and abroad was paramount for the nation to prosper.

While foreign friends and investors were helping rebuild Zimbabwe’s economy, the ultimate obligation to turn around the country’s future rested within the general citizenry.

On its part Government would continue to engage a wide spectrum of stakeholders on socio-economic and political issues.

“I am aware that a notable part of our citizens are currently spread across the Diaspora. “The raft of reforms we have started should enable some of them to return home and assist in building our nation.

“As a listening President, my ear will remain attentive to all Zimbabweans as we join hands for greater social cohesion and unity.

“I commend the progressive-minded leaders of political parties, who are part of the National Political Parties Dialogue.”

He said this was the hallmark of mature, responsible and patriotic leadership, which puts national interests ahead of selfish ambition.

“The platform will enable us to have conversations that will help us to develop our country.”

President Mnangagwa reiterated that Zimbabwe’s freedom was born out a liberation struggle whose main driving force was repossession of land.

In that regard, his administration would never reverse the land reform programme.

Furthermore, value addition and beneficiation of local products would bring huge benefits that would easily uplift the livelihoods of the people.

Mr Mureriwa added that productivity and prosperity were collective responsibilities of every Zimbabwean regardless of political and other differences.

The past few weeks have seen prices skyrocket but the President said unity and social cohesion would create the right environment for consultation and progressive action.

He registered his Government’s determination to play its part in inducing better standards of living for all Zimbabweans.

Source – The Sunday Mail

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