David Trezeguet’s best season with Juventus

David Trezeguet is a famous French striker who spent his best years at the club level in Juventus Turin. By the way, live scores today football results of this team are always available to you on the website of sports statistics.

The Frenchman moved to the Old Signora in 2000, and his second season in Serie A was extremely successful. Trezeguet scored 24 goals in a year. Thanks to this, he topped the list of scorers of the Italian championship. He shared the title of the best scorer with Dario Ubner from Piacenza. Trezeguet never scored more in one season, neither before nor after that. It was the Frenchman who, according to the results of the campaign 2001/02, was recognized as the best footballer in Serie A.

That season was extremely successful for David not only in terms of individual awards. In the campaign 2001/02, there was a very tense fight for the champion title. Roma tried to defend it, the main rivals of which were Juventus and Roma. And it was the Old Signora that eventually got the title. It is noteworthy that at the finish line Juventus was only 1 point ahead of the Romans. In many ways, it was Trezeguet’s goals that helped the team earn important tournament points and ultimately outstrip its rival.

How was Trezeguet’s career at Juventus?

Throughout the 2000s, Trezeguet, together with Alessandro Del Piero, was the main striking force of Juventus. Twice more during this period, he scored 20+ goals in one season, which also underlines how effective the striker was. Today you can follow the latest live scores of the current football games on the proven platform.

Trezeguet was one of the few players who dropped to Serie B with Juventus and helped the team return to the elite. For this he earned special recognition and love from the fans. In the first seasons after returning to Serie A, David continued to be the club’s main forward. However, his injuries, as well as the age began to take their toll. He lost his place in the starting lineup, and in 2010, after 10 years at the club, left Juventus. In total, the striker has played 320 matches with the Old Signora, in which he hit the rivals’ goal 171 times. It means David scored more than once in 2 matches. Excellent performance, which once again demonstrates how stable he was as a forward.

Further in the striker’s career were:

  • Hercules;
  • Bani Yas;
  • River Plate;
  • Newells Old Boys;
  • Puna City.

However, in none of these teams did the player stay longer than 2 years. The forward finished his career only in 2014.

Yes, he managed to play for a considerable number of clubs, but first of all fans associate him with Juventus. In addition, fans still remember the season 2001/02 when Trezeguet’s goals allowed his club to win the title.

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