The peculiarities of requesting a bet

We are used to betting only on those markets that are available in the line of the bookmaker’s office. If we are not satisfied with the bookmaker’s offer, we open another bookmaker’s site and find there a more precise market. What do you say to the fact that there is a possibility to offer a bet to the bookmaker’s office yourself?

Requesting a bet in a bookmaker’s office is becoming commonplace. The scheme is quite simple: a player wants to bet that his son (grandson, nephew, etc.) will play for a Premier League club (play for the national team, become an Olympic champion, received a prestigious award) before reaching a certain age and offers the bookmaker to calculate the odds for it. The bookmaker analyzes this market and offers the player the odds at which he can bet.

When analyzing each case, the office takes into account the age of the child, the financial capacity of his parents, the family’s genealogical tree, and other important factors. The probability that the average child will ever play for his national team is minuscule. In fact, the odds should be much higher, but those are the conditions of the office, which the player has the right to accept or not.

Ultimately, such bets are a surefire way to generate income. Parents tend to overestimate the abilities and capabilities of their children, so bookmakers almost always remain in the black on such bets.

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Requested bets are gaining momentum

Now a lot of renowned bookies have made it as easy as possible to implement the requested bets. In the official Twitter, accounts of these bookmakers there are topics where each player can offer the contender his invented bet. The office calculates the odds according to its technology and indicates it in the comments, and then adds the market to the line.

Players can offer a wide variety of bets. For example, on the eve of the 1/8 finals of the Champions League last year, some bettors wanted to bet on the outing of Real Madrid and Manchester City, namely on Karim Benzema’s header goal and Man City’s missed penalty. The office offered the requested exorbitant odds on this market and added it to its line. As a result, the bet was added to the betting line, and taking into account the fact that some other players also bet on it, the bookmaker made this type of bet possible.

Other cases of winning requested bets with large odds are also known, but the most remarkable of them is the story of Welsh footballer Harry Wilson. When he was still 3 years old, his grandfather made a bet with William Hill that Harry would play for the Welsh national team. The office offered odds of 2501 on such an event, on which his grandfather bet £50. In 2013, 16yearold Harry Wilson came on as a substitute in the WalesBelgium game, which pleased his grandfather and brought him a check for £125000 from William Hill.

There have been several other instances where requested bets on their children’s success have brought parents an impressive amount of money. In some situations, the children were close to achieving the goal but missed their chance.


As competition on the market spurs bookmakers to look for more and more new options for betting, it can be assumed that betting on demand will actively enter the life of worldwide bettors in the next 5 years. Over time, bookmakersodds for such bets will become more reasonable, so professional players will start to play on them as well.


Is it problematic to request a bet?

No, it’s not a big problem. First of all, you need to find a reliable bookmaker, get in touch with its representatives, and request a whatever bet you want.

What bets can you request?

You can request any kinds of bets you want. Afterwards, you need to reach out to the bookmaker with your desired bet and wait for a placing.

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