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Blood and Water Season 3 stolen by Sonia Mbele as Lisbeth

Blood & Water season three is now available on Netflix and it is clearly giving when looking at the reviews on the latest season. Gone are the seasons of a slow burn as we have learned that Ama Qamata as Puleng Khumalo and Khosi Ngema as Fikile Mbhele are biological sisters. Season three was teased with the season two finale as it introduced Sonia Mbele as the then-upcoming season three antagonist Lisbeth Molapo.


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At the time the character showcased her ruthlessness as she kidnapped Xolile Tshabalala as Nwabisa Mbhele. But in season three, Sonia who recently was under scrutiny following the abuse allegations leveled against her son, Donell, and the manner in which she handled it, seemed to flourish as she once again reminded all of us why she is considered one of the best actresses in the country.

Sonia Mbele as Blood & Water‘s Lisbeth steals season three

Season three of Blood & Water, like past seasons, had a total of six episodes. But in those six episodes, this season was filled with unexpected twists and turns which for those that have not watched it just yet, it is better not to spoil the viewing experience with spoiler alerts.


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But one character that has everyone on the edge of their seats had to be Lisbeth Molapo. While we might have been shown that she might have a mean streak, this season proved just how ruthless and dangerous Lisbeth is. So much so that even Sonia Mbele took to her Twitter to state that she is scared of the antagonistic character that she played.

Seemingly, viewing audiences felt the same as they have taken to the timeline throughout the couple of days following the availability of season three to suggest the same. More than that, tweeps and viewers alike complimented Mbele on her acting ability as her new character has managed for some to change people’s longstanding perception of calling Mbele by her iconic Generations’ character Ntombi to now Lisbeth.

Will there be a season four of Blood & Water?

Currently, Blood & Water stands as the longest running South African Netflix original series with three seasons and a total of 18 episodes. While reviews on season two were polarising as the season hinged on the obvious not so obvious revelation that FIkile and Puleng were actually biological sisters.

Season three was action packed and has received more favourable reviews. As such, it is not far-fetched that Netflix would greenlight the series for a fourth and fifth season. This is as most Netflix original shows have a lifespan of five seasons when it is a ratings and critical success.

Add the fact that viewers are already yearning for a fourth season and given the cliffhanger of season three.It is not like the series itself did not lend itself to the possibility of returning in November 2023 with a new season.

But to date Netflix has kept mum on whether there are plans for the season four return of the hit teen-drama series.


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