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MaNgwabe labelled The Weakest Link At The Mseleku Household

Mbali ‘MaNgwabe‘ Mseleku continues not to beat the allegations of being problematic amongst Musa Mseleku’s wife. Evidently, viewers have not forgiven MaNgwane for how she has portrayed and carried herself in this new season of Uthando NeSthembu.

Whether viewers are convinced that it is actually Musa Mseleku who low-key wants MaNgwabe out of the relationship but doesn’t want to be the one saying it. whereas some viewers have actually lambasted MaNgwabe as the one who is a problem in this polygamous marriage.

With only eight episodes in the new season of Uthando Nes’thembu, however MaNgwabe has been on the receiving end of backlash and pure hatred from viewers, relentlessly. Viewers are more convinced that MaNgwabe continues to rub them the wrong way, hence they spare her no mercy after every episode airs.

“MaNgwabe behaves like she’s single. We not saying she shouldn’t help her family but she must know when. She should’ve helped with the birthday preparations then went to her family. Mbali acts like she’s a special wife. When it’s her turn, they shouldn’t help her #Uthandonesthembu” wrote Tshegofatso

Taking to Twitter, viewers have lashed out on MaNgwane and called her the weakest link in her polygamous marriage with Musa Mseleku. MaNgwabe has been dubbed either toxic and a bully, from how she has been portraying herself through out the newest season.

“MaNgwabe is the weakest link in this polygamous marriage. I’m saying this because she’s not a team player. #Uthandonesthembu” wrote Paballo Patsa

At the same breath, Musa Khawula has also been receiving quite a backlash for his portraying during this season of Uthando Nesthembu. Whether Mseleku is pressurizing his wives to accept and welcoming wife number five. Or him being a master manipulator to all his wives and using ‘crocodile tears’ to win their hearts to fulfil his motives.

Viewers are also appreciative of how MaYeni handled Sne Mseleku with her multiple pregnancies. In the last episode, viewers were besides themselves how Sne spoke to MaCele when she confronted her about falling pregnant again.

MaYeni has been applauded for how she handles Sne Handle and put her in her place.

“Mayeni putting Sne in her place in the most respectful manner, musa ukuthanda abafana okundlula ingane yakho. #Uthandonesthembu” wrote Miya Mpilow


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