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“She F***ed Her Way To The Top At The DSTV Offices” Musa Khawula on Minnie Dlamini

Controversial blogger and YouTuber Musa Khawula is not keeping Minnie Dlamini‘s name out of his mouth as he continues to drag her for filth.

The blogger has made startling accusations about Minnie again on his Youtube channel. Musa has claimed that Minnie’s marriage ended due to infidelity on her end.

This is not the first time Musa has accused Minnie of cheating. In May, Musa alleged that Minnie cheated on her husband with Edwin Sodi. Added fuel to the fire, Musa alleged that the reason why Minnie’s marriage collapsed was that she allegedly “f**ked her way to the top at the DSTV offices,” he claimed.

Watch the clip below:

In February 2022, Minnie and Quinton announced in a joint statement that they were no longer together. The couple poured cold water on the infidelity claims and threatened a lawsuit against the culprit.

Minnie Dlamini

“We have been made aware of various allegations regarding our divorce circulating on social media since yesterday. All the allegations made are false, damaging, and malicious. Fabrications of such a damaging manner are both unnecessary and hurtful in a matter that is already sensitive to us,” said the former couple.

“We kindly ask that you allow us to go through our private processes without dragging ourselves, our families, and our loved ones into baseless rumors and social media sensationalism. These baseless rumors affect not only us but our children. Considering the nature of the allegations made, legal action will be taken against the relevant parties.”

Slik Talk also took a dig at Minnie and dragged her name for filth. “So I heard that Minnie Dlamini is the one who cheated on her simp husband and her simp husband is the one who filed for divorce. I can’t say I’m surprised. Minnie Dlamini in her heyday was a solid Joburg 10, one of the hottest women on African soil. Currently, she is a Gomora six, let’s call her what it is. Nobody is checking on her, she is not as bad as she used to be. The fact that she cheated on this man after spending all of his money is despicable.”

“Minnie Dlamini do you love money that much that you are willing to go to these lengths? She doesn’t want to sign divorce papers because this man made her sign a prenup. He’s a simp but he’s not stupid. Minnie is trying to get this man’s estate.

“We see you Minnie Dlamini, you chose money over love and now you regret it. You pissed off your looks because of this simp and now you’re mad.”


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