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Musa Khawula Creates Havoc On His YouTube Channel

Controversial entertainment blogger Musa Khawula, is back with a bang and everyone is eating out of the palm of his hand.

Musa has leveled it up as he spills his tea on a brand-new platform and Mzansi is here for his tea. From being an elusive and faceless Twitter account, Musa Khawula has unmasked and revamped his YouTube channel.

A couple of months ago, Khawula’s Twitter account got suspended after he shared Lulo Cafe’s nudes. He took a break but, promised his fans that he would be back to shake things off again.

While many said he was merely a clout-chase and not securing the bag from his commentary. However, Musa has since strategized on how to generate income with his no-filter commentary on the world of pop culture.

His YouTube channel is slowly gaining traction as he has already garnered over 37000 subscribers, and the proof is in the pudding that he’s the next big thing,

Musa calls his segment the “pope of pop culture” and he is not mincing his words with his jaw-dropping expose. He continues to wreak havoc as usual and viewers are loving his tea and how shady he gets. Tweeps have given him his flowers and praised him for his entertaining content.

Evidently, Musa does not regret leaking Lulo’s nudes. In a Twitter space titled Proof of Life, Musa said it with his chest that he would leak them again on his YouTube channel.

“I don’t feel bad that the last thing I said was to look at his nudes. I’ll share them again they coming on my f*cking Youtube I don’t give a shit I still got that video I might share them on my fucking Youtube that fucking nude I didn’t say it by mistake I would do it again so that means I don’t regret anything I don’t

He even took a swipe at Lulo Cafe’s nudes. “His d*ck. So small. So, I can never apologize for that. I can apologize. If you have a big d*ck, maybe I’ll owe you an apology. But if you’re shit so small and it looks so tired, I do not owe you a f*cking apology. You owe the community an apology for walking around like you got a big d*ck. Meanwhile, you got some small as sh*t. So, No, we not. Sorry. Like, I don’t give a f*ck. And one of the first videos I’m gonna share on my YouTube page will be that f*cking video. We’re back to square one. And if you go lower, I go even lower. If you go lower, I go to hell. That’s where you’re going to be. And I wasn’t arrested. I I’ve been here so long,” he said.


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