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Video: A couple went viral singing Nasty C’s “Lemons” song

Rappers Nasty C and AKA have joined in the chorus of love for a couple who have gone viral for their rendition of the hit Lemons (Lemonade).

In the video the couple can be seen driving when the woman, facing the camera, starts singing. Her partner joins in with a young “everything’s all right”. The woman then bursts into a rap that will have you in stitches.

Social media users flooded Twitter and Instagram with reactions to the video, with many calling for them to do a full remix of the track.

It caught the attention of Nasty C, who shared it on his page and said he loved the vibes.

In other news – Kanye West mentions another presidential run

The artist, who goes by the name Kanye West, posted Thursday a swirling symbol on his Twitter account with “Ye” and the number 24, apparently representing 2024, the year of the next US presidential election. WASHINGTON – The rapper and fashion designer Kanye West has suggested he will run for president and wants Donald Trump to be his running mate. Trump, for his part, brushed aside a recent meeting with West as of no significance. Learn moreYe

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