What is the Legislation Surrounding Online Casino in South Africa?

South Africa is one of the countries where online casino legislation is quite complicated. Nevertheless, there are several reliable online casinos and sportsbooks available for players based in South Africa. Regardless of the current laws, e-gaming has been very popular in the country during the last few years. But how does the law affect the situation in this country?

In this article, we will have a look at the existing legislation and explore how it affects online casinos. We will also analyze the authorities that regulate gambling in South Africa. By the end of this read, you will also know if it is considered safe to play at an online casino and what the future holds for gambling in South Africa. Without further ado, let’s get right into the legislation surrounding online casinos in this country.

How do Current Laws Affect Online Casinos

Since the National Gambling Act 7 structured by the South African government, online casino gaming is prohibited in South Africa. With that said, for more than 50 years South Africa has forbidden participation in online games such as slots, roulette and poker. As of 2022 the only gambling allowed in South Africa are limited to land based casinos, horse racing and the National Lottery.

But, does that mean that there are no online casinos for players based in South Africa? Not at all. On the contrary, the legislation appears to be quite loose when it comes to online gambling games. With that said, South African players are actually allowed to sign up and play online. In other words, the current legislation forbids online casinos in its borders but has never prosecuted any player for the online gambling habits.

Which Authorities Regulate Casino and Gambling Sites in South Africa?

There are 9 different provinces in South Africa and each one has its own gambling authority. The largest and most well-known provider is called WCGRB (Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board).

This authority handles most of the gambling licenses delivered for online book makers. What that means is that you can still pick your favourite online casino South Africa as long as it is licensed by an authority. Therefore, any registered gambling site allows its users to play legally.

Online Casinos and Sportsbooks in South Africa: Current Situation

At the moment, there are multiple online establishments that South African players can access. The best of them offer high-quality gaming software, excellent customer service, a wide selection of games and providers, multiple payment methods and reputable licenses.

Choosing the best casino depends on your personal needs and preferences. But since online casinos are in some ways banned in South Africa, is it safe to sign up with one of the best casinos on the market? Let us take a closer look into this.

Is it Safe to Play at an Online Casino if Located in South Africa?

Since online casinos are prohibited in South Africa, this is a more than reasonable question. In fact, the National Gambling Act mentions that a player shouldn’t engage with unauthorized interactive games on online casinos under any circumstances. The first act was activated back in 2004. Still, online gambling was actually prohibited in 2012.

But, this didn’t stop online casinos in South Africa. Since then, most of the online casinos available for players in South Africa continued operating without any changes. Does that mean that it is 100% safe to play at an online casino located in South Africa?

The truth is that players are completely safe against prosecution. The main reason that is true is because all the acts mentioned above are tailor to the casinos and not the players. But there is one question that is left to be answered. Is this shady situation ever going to change? The truth is that there are some new laws proposed that could alter the future of online gambling in South Africa.

New Gambling Laws Proposed: The Future

In September 2022, the opposition Democratic Alliance (DA) proposed a new set of gambling laws for South Africa. The reason was simple. None of the acts we analyzed above was actually broad into operation. In other words, the opposition claims that online gambling isn’t fully legislated in the country. As a goal, this new regulation will issue controlled licenses and regulate advertising in online gambling establishments.

This could alter the way South Africa regulates online casinos in the future. Even though we still haven’t any information on whether this suggestion will be taking effect or not, it is definitely a step into the right direction. After all, players based in South Africa can already access and rank online casinos according to their preferences.

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