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Actor SK Khoza has a message for youths

Lulama Kunene and SK Khoza have teamed up to warn the youth about the dangers of alcohol and hubbly.

The Afro-soul singer, who is best known as Lulama K, together with actor Sthembiso “SK” Khoza want South African youth to stop abusing booze.

They told SunBuzz that the song, Alcohol, and Hubbly, was created for the festive season as people tend to forget who they are during this time of the year and end up doing things they’ll regret.

Lulama K (38), who is from the Eastern Cape but now based in Joburg, said he saw many young people giving up on their future and turning to alcohol and drugs.

He, together with SK Khoza, decided to do something about it through music.

“Well I wanted to do an easy song for festive season and also something different from what I always write about which music with deep meaning. This time I wanted to write something that will be easy and fun,”he said.

LuLulama K said the idea of Alcohol and Hubbly came when he was in studio brainstorming.

“The idea became a perfect fit for what I wanted this project to be about, as alcohol and hubbly are the ‘in thing’ now.

“My myself and Sthembiso Khoza have been friend for long of which now the friendship has developed to brotherhood and we SK Khoza and myself wanted to do songs together that will send a message to our future leaders,” he said.

The singer said this was now a perfect opportunity for them to create awareness on the dangerous of using substances.

“We went into studio and did two songs, Alcohol and Hubbly, as well as Ingilosi,” said.

SK Khoza said they’ll be happy if they can see change in communities around Mzansi.

“We want to change our country with our talents.

Lulama Kunene and SK Khoza

“This is the right time for the song as many people are drinking and driving.

“Through the song, we are saying no to the use of alcohol and hubbly,” he said.

The duo said Alcohol and Hubbly was released a few weeks ago, and it will be followed by Ingilosi, which is dropping early next year.

“Working with Sthembiso “SK Khoza” is a blast , firstly just his energy being around is refreshing. He is a very down-to-earth, selfless, and kind human being, most genuine human being you can ever be around,” Lulama K said.

Lulama K said: “The song is doing really well. The musician said the song is even recognized well on social media platforms as they use hashtags to send the message.We have a hashtag challenge #Alcoholandhubblychallenge going on,” Lulama K said.

Lulama K said they are running a competition where people who join the #Alcoholandhubblychallenge can win R1 000 cash and great weekly prizes from Fiduci Vita watches.

“People are coming up with great videos for the song.” It’s really great and fun to see,” he said.

Lulama K said he was shocked to see that the song is loved, and the message is well received by young people in South African communities.

“The plans for this year is to focus on the song Alcohol and Hubbly and next we will release our second song with SK Khoza titled “Ingilosi”. I am also working on an EP to be released 2023,”he said.

The music duo said their message to young people is that they must never give up on their dreams.

“Please work hard and polish the talent God blessed you with. You will see better results soon,”SK Khoza said.


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