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Dr. Musa & Liesl Laurie Mthombeni’s marriage charms Minnie Dlamini

Liesl Laurie-Mthombeni and her husband, Dr Musa’s love story continues to captivate many people. The couple consistently sets power couple goals on social media, and we love to see them.

Minnie Dlamini has praised the couple for their love story and it seems it is inspiring her. She gushed over their marriage after they shared a picture of themselves.

Musa and Liesl Laurie-Mthombeni

Reacting to a cute Musa shared on his Instagram account, Minnie commented “You guys are the love story of my life.”


musa mthombeni

She further pleaded with the couple to share their love story by publishing a book “Write a book! Package it! Sell it!!! Make potions shit I’m buying,” Dlamini added.

Minnie had a tumultuous 2022 following her divorce from her husband Quinton Jones. The couple announced that they were headed for splitsville in February, through a joint statement shared on Minnie’s social media accounts.

Musa and Liesl Laurie-Mthombeni

The former couple poured cold water on the infidelity claims on Minnie’s end and threatened a lawsuit against the culprit.

“We have been made aware of various allegations regarding our divorce circulating on social media since yesterday. All the allegations made are false, damaging, and malicious. Fabrications of such a damaging manner are both unnecessary and hurtful in a matter that is already sensitive to us,” said the former couple.

“We kindly ask that you allow us to go through our private processes without dragging ourselves, our families, and our loved ones into baseless rumours and social media sensationalism. These baseless rumours affect not only us but our child. Considering the nature of the allegations made, legal action will be taken against the relevant parties.”

This follows after controversial blogger Musa Khawula, insinuated that Minnie was allegedly unfaithful to her hubby during the course of their marriage. He claimed that their marriage hit rock bottom following Minnie’s brother’s dearth.

Musa further claimed after Quinton allegedly found out that Minnie had been cheating on him he filed for divorce. “Rumour has it Minnie Dlamini had been cold towards Quinton Jones after her brother’s passing, shortly after the brother’s passing Quinton found out Minnie was cheating on him and filed for divorce. The divorce is on-going, apparently Minnie is refusing to sign the divorce papers,” claims Khawula.

Slik Talk also took a dig at Minnie and dragged her name for filth. He even called her a returned soldier “So I heard that Minnie Dlamini is the one who cheated on her simp husband and her simp husband is the one who filed for divorce. I can’t say I’m surprised. Minnie Dlamini in her heyday was a solid Joburg 10, one of the hottest women on African soil. Currently, she is a Gomora six, let’s call her what it is. Nobody is checking her, she is not as bad as she used to be. The fact that she cheated on this man after spending all of his money is despicable.”

“Minnie Dlamini do you love money that much that you are willing to go through these lengths? She doesn’t want to sign divorce papers because this man made her sign a prenup. He’s a simp but he’s not stupid. Minnie is trying to get this man’s estate.

“We see you Minnie Dlamini, you chose money over love and now you regret it. You pissed off your looks because of this simp and now you’re mad.”

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