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TV Presenter Patricia Mapiki Leaks her own N#des on WhatsApp Status

Seems like it’s not only our high-profile people who are getting extra naughty online… I recently learnt that a TV presenter from Zambia’s ZNBC leaked her won n#des on WhatsApp by mistake. Patricia Mapiki was experimenting with phone tlof tlof and everything went wrong. I blame these iPhones which are difficult to use.

Just like Zanele Sifuba whose video went viral, the pictures of Patricia Mapiki have also gone viral on social media. According to, the lady who is a TV presenter shared naughty pictures on her status but quickly deleted them.

But some of her contacts who use the notorious GB WhatsApp could still access the deleted content and went ahead and leaked the pictures.

Patricia Mapiki Leaked Pictures

Patricia Mapiki who is a TV Presenter for ZNBC hasn’t commented on the issue as yet but according to speculation, Patricia was sending the pictures to her lover but instead of sending them to him she sent them to her WhatsApp profile.

Seems these popular people need to learn maybe we should start a class for them to learn how to send n#des because for some reason they are always caught on the wrong side of the pictures. We will call it SendingNudes 101!

I know most of you are wondering about the pictures of Patricia Mapika and as always we got you… You can view the pictures here, as they are too hot to share on this platform!


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