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Harare serial rapist jailed 85 years

Chrispen Bonda, aged 36, notorious for terrorizing residents of Rugare and Glen View high-density suburbs from November 2022 to December last year, has been sentenced to 85 years in prison.

The sentencing came after Bonda was convicted on eleven charges of rape and robbery by regional magistrate Clever Tsikwa. Originally facing more than 30 counts, Bonda’s crimes sparked widespread fear and prompted a thorough investigation by law enforcement.

Throughout the trial, testimonies from multiple victims highlighted the brutal nature of Bonda’s attacks, which left a deep impact on the affected communities. His modus operandi involved preying on unsuspecting individuals, often targeting vulnerable women and using violence to commit his crimes.

The sentencing has been welcomed by residents and advocacy groups alike, who have been vocal about the need for justice and enhanced security measures in the affected areas. Magistrate Tsikwa, in delivering the sentence, emphasized the severity of Bonda’s offenses and the importance of ensuring safety and protection for all residents.

The lengthy prison term serves as a significant deterrent against such heinous acts, reflecting the court’s commitment to holding perpetrators of violent crimes fully accountable under the law.

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