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22-seater Zimbabwean Kombi with undocumented passengers impounded In SA

A 22-seater bus travelling from Zimbabwe to Cape Town, South Africa, was intercepted on N1 in South Africa while carrying 36 undocumented Zimbabwean passengers.

Transport spokesperson Tidimalo Chuene said the bus was stopped at around 8 AM last Friday morning along the N1 on the Mashishing and Silicone bypass. Said Chuene in a statement:

It was later discovered that the overloaded vehicle did not have an operating permit to travel in South Africa and the SAPS and Department of Home Affairs will conduct investigations and verification of the legal travelling documents.

… We call on all foreign drivers to respect the laws of the country and apply for proper documents when entering the country.

South Africa is currently on a blitz against undocumented immigrants and in the coming months, the neighbouring country is expected to deport thousands of Zimbabweans whose permits were not renewed.

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