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Killer Jaison Muvhevhi to appear in court on 20/01/23

The ZRP has obtained a warrant for further detention from the courts for a murder suspect, Jaison Muvevi. He will appear in court on 20/01/23 as alluded to by the Commissioner General of Police, Tandabantu Godwin Matanga in his remarks at the funeral church service for the late Inspector Maxwell Hove, held this morning at Mkushi Depot (formerly Morris Depot), Harare.

The suspect arrived in Harare from Mozambique last night. While in court Hwedza triple murderer Jaison Muvhevhi says he does not want to remain in police custody, opting to be in remand prison instead.

His lawyer, Samson Dzingira, said investigators could always interview him there. Muvhevhi was at the Harare Magistrates Court on Wednesday morning, and detectives requested to spend three more days with him. Inside the court, Jaison Muvhevhi complained to magistrate Dennis Mangosi that he hasn’t slept. “They added extra handcuffs and hung me from a bar (with the handcuffs),” he said.

Meanwhile a video of Muvhevhi laughing sarcastically while in police custody has made rounds on social media. He is believed to be a mentally health person. In the video you could hear him say “All I wanted was to go see Chimoio there was nothing much”as he sarcastically laughs and asks one of the attendants to assist him.

Muvhevhi was reported to have caused another commotion at Mutare boys high when he tried to shoot a caretaker after a disagreement.

He then crossed over to Mozambique, the details on how exactly he crossed over without being noticed are not clear but upon arrival in Mozambique he requested for a biker to drive him.

Speaking to a local paper the biker said that he was offered 200 USD by Muvhevhi to drop him in Chimoio and he refused, he then pulled out a gun and this incident is the one that ultimately led to his arrest.

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