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Mai TT and Olinda Chapel on each others back

Friendship between Mai TT and Olinda Chapel has finally blown over after the two exchanged vile words on social media.

The two have been hurling insults at each other to an extent that Olinda Chapel decided to post his bank statement showing millions of dollars.

In a post,Olinda Chapel had this to say;

1. You are in debt because you wanted to compete with a renewal of vows (not even a wedding) 😅
2. You have been engaged at least 3 times in a space of 1.5 years 🤨
3. You were never legally married but stood in a field to make the public happy – no marriage certificate to show up to today 😛
4. Your Facebook tete bororwed you money to marry yourself for likes 💅🏽
5. Your wedding was sponsored. You can’t even have wedding pictures without someone’s logo on them. 🤣
6. Your groomsmen where all models from a clothing shop 🙃
7. Your “marriage” lasted 92 days and you are still in debt ! 😂
8. You lied that money was stolen from you to cover the fact that you have been living off peoples round money 🙄
9. You have lied you are building a 16 bed house (your name isn’t at the deeds office) anyone can pay and search for a name 🧐
10. You lied you are building a mall 👎
11. You lied that you have trucks 😟
12. You lied that you bought cars but yet cars are seen parked at the sales garage straight after 😯
13. You have lied you bought combi’s 🙄
14. You accuse Everyman that rejects you 🙌🏻
15. You said you sold all your assets to pay back money but still all the above assets wasn’t enough to pay back peoples money 🤪🤪🤪
16. Wakutadza kugara kumba kwako kutiza zvikwereti. 😎
17. Imba yese ikaita skit yekuti fully furnished house 🏠
18. Mota ye birthday yaiva nevaridzi 🫣
19. Ukanyepera mwana relationship iwe wakabhadharwa kuti umuunze ku UK
20. Gore riya ukati unemurungu 🫠

Lies lies lies and more lies. Apo you love lying on live videos

I am your role model. I am EVERYTHING you claim to be. I am EVERYTHING you want to be. So you project.

Everything you touch crumbles. You have NOTHING tangible to show for your miserable life so you want to make us all miserable in the process. No wonder you have no success at all because you will never wish anyone well.

You are just an extremely bitter person. Learn to love yourself first !

Mai TT also issued a slap back;

I seen wat u wrote 😂
You also marry men after every year after they dump you , you collect everything you bought for them More like you buy love.
2 … You married Tracey who then came later to expose the same disease you claimed you did not have .
Remember when you used to mock me about it yet you have killed your first hubby with it .
3…. You say I’m in debts ? What made your licence to be taken away is it not debts and stealing from Zimbabweans claiming you will bring them to the uk ?
The lady crying for her $5000 and you say you can’t give her because of your SA account yet you come showing 1:3 million in your Uk account
4… Do you remember coming to Sandton to view a house with you husmaid saying you are buying? Were is it show us deeds?
5…. You get money from the government then you show us business account is it your money or you are given😂😂😂
6… Show me a man who has paid your bride price from Dziva who you gave 6k to marry you and the other one he subtracted and gAve to her reall young girlfriend because they had agreed kuti tichangodya chimbuyaichi tosvipa 🤮
7…. Wich of your hubby s relatives even want to be known that you are their makoti? Is it not one of the Relatives who came and said please leave us out of that gogos lives we actually fear her because she bullies all of us 🤔
7… Up to now you still intouch with your ex if you were satsfied with your husmaid will you be flying to Africa just to satsify your unsatfied hole 🕳.
8… At least ndakanyengwa nemari kuinbox show were tracy worked the time you got him in your prison 🤣🤣🤣.
If he had a stable life and papers do you think he was going to stay ✍️.
Remember he once went under the bridge told us your dirty living and vowed not to return unfortunately it’s too cold in England he had to make a plan and come back crawling .
9…. I might engage as many times but I do not buy love to keep a man like you .
My body is a threat to you , you had to go under the knife to make sure you tone down to my size and also please that little twart you call your husband.😂😂
10.. I don’t compete with you cause I’m above you that’s why you had to come down to my show and try to buy me to be your little slave but unfortunately no amount can buy me to love my enemy .
11… You are the one who is bitter tryna convince all of us that you have the best life yet you live under pressure.
Even if I’m in debts I’m working and paying whilst a millionaire like you is busy refusing to pay what you stole from people.
12… Just imagine a whole millionaire owing a simple $5000 😂😂😇
I got a home and yes my 16 rooms is still intact and deeds intact b***tch I do not have yo show you deeds to prove a point but soon when things get back inshape my mansion will be complete and I will live in it whilst you stay in you little matchstick house wich you show just a corner of a kitchen because you know you got nothing .
13… Rich people here in Uk live in houses with names what s the name of your house ???
You are one b*tch living a fake life and is hurt because I have refused to be used by you .
I don’t blame you , look at how disgusting you look trying to look like me 🤮
Go and treat yourself well other ways oneday without filter and edits you will fall and collapse.
Huro yakazara mApundu nebody inobuda hurwa 🤮🤮🤮
I feel pity fr the husmaid who washes your bandages everynight all in the name of food and accommodation.
You got no self love and if not for the little underwears you but for those broke niggaz no man wants you for you .
Uriwesponser wemaben 10.
No rich man wants you because you are not in their league honey , you only attract desperate guys because they know you are useful .
I’m a strong woman , strong enough to come and tell people my status unlike you who killed so many men hiding your status , if not for that twart who let it all out who would have known???
Whatever you will say about me b*tch I’m no worse than you and I’m far better than you because I can still face the world and tell the truth so sit down 🪑 I’m your inspiration.
Mukaradhi wenzara
Tuvhudzi twa beyond repair twakungoyerera.
If you like meet me again ndokupedzisa ukazorora zvakanaka.
Mother teresa wemaBen 10.
Dziva was inocent
Tracey s innocent

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