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Power cuts force funeral parlours to adopt the use of solar energy and generators

Funeral parlours have now adopted the use of solar energy and generators as well as approved chemicals to preserve bodies amid prolonged power cuts.

Doves Funeral Group spokesperson Innocent Tshuma told NewsDay that being in the industry for a long time has enabled the company to transition from relying on electricity to adopting of alternative power sources. Said Tshuma:

Being in existence for over 120 years has allowed us to prepare adequately to provide unparalleled seamless service in our industry.

The preparation allows us to operate in any given environment as we have alternative redundancy power sources such as solar and generators in our wide branch network.

We have also adopted the use of chemicals that preserve bodies for a longer time.
Our state of the art mortuaries allow us to have the country’s largest holding capacity combined with the best industry practices.

Our agile and committed work force use appropriate and approved chemicals which increase preservation.

In turn this provides peace of mind to our clients that are assured that they will get a dignified send off to their loved ones.

Prolonged power outages in the country have affected most businesses including funeral parlours and hospital mortuaries.

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