Kikie waTytie Leaked S£XTAPE with another man goes Viral

It’s the dawn of a new year but already the year 2024 is rocked with scandals and promises more and more scandals to follow. Just today Zimbabweans were surprised when Kikie decided to get a tattoo of the name Tytie on her leg… But hours later Kikie’s S£XTAPE is doing rounds on social media… The crazy bit is in the video she is having lula lula with another man.

Tytie and Kiki

Social media have been on fire ever since the pictures and videos of Kikie’s latest tattoo were shared on social media platforms… but the S£X video has gone on to fuel the already burning fire and has left many people wondering why Kikie decided to get the tattoo, is it her way of saying sorry for the Lula Lula video or maybe she has always been the crazy kind?

Tytie and Kiki
Kikie getting a tattoo with the name of her man Tytie

We will let you be the judge of that… but one thing is for sure, Tytie and Kikie are the talk of town and social media is going crazy with the leaked video…

Who is the Man with Kikie in the video?

At the moment not much is known about the man who is doing Lula Lula with Kikie in the video but the fact is he is not Tytie and this has left most people shocked. Fans now seem to understand that Tytie has never influenced Kikie into doing something that she didn’t want to do… She knew she was on camera but she still took it and recorded it for all of us to see.


Is there going to be trouble in paradise for the two lovebirds after this leaked video? Is it another stunt to get more followers or this will cause chaos for the couple? I feel for Tytie, no man wants to see his woman in a Lula Lula video with another man!

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