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Sha Sha reveals she is not married – “I fooled you guys”

Sha Sha finally addresses the claims of being married to a mystery man.

The star caused a stir on social media in the early week of December 2022 after sharing a photo that revealed an engagement ring on her finger.

Sha further aroused people’s curiosity by sharing photos of herself in a white wedding dress, and with a man standing by her side.

Sha Sha

It was presumed that she had a private wedding ceremony, which gained her tons of congratulatory messages.

Although, a few persons believed it wasn’t true.

Addressing the issue during a Live chat on Instagram, the singer said she fooled everyone as she’s not married to anyone.

“I am not married. I am not engaged. I am already getting date requests in my DMs. So one of y’all might be lucky. We might just go for dinner or something,” she said.

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