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Teacher found dead in Mufakose

The Herald has confirmed that an ecd teacher from Mufakose was found lying dead in a field close to Aspindale.

The teacher went missing last week and many were shocked when a lady reported that she found a dead body in her field.

It has been reported that she was found with a black purse, 5 dollars, a payslip, ballpoints and other belongings.

Once unidentified Source wrote:

Maswera sei
Pana mai vekuno ku magandanga vanga vari kumunda saka vaona mudzimai akafa pa side pemunda wavo mugomo kudhuze nema company. Description yavapa ndeya teacher vaya veku budiriro 4 primary. Saka vadaidza guard akauya ndokuudza boss vati vachaenda ku Police.

It is with a heavy heart ladies and gentlemen to confirm that the missing teacher, Mandivei Magdaline Josephine was found dead somewhere between Budiriro and Mufakose. More details to follow.

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