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Freeman appreciates fans after securing a NAMA award

HKD boss Freeman expresses excitement as he was honored at the Zimbabwe Nama Awards. Taking to social media, the star thanked his supporters and urged people not to give up but to keep pushing.

“This is for you maGallis, Outstanding Male Artist & Outstanding Album. I really don’t know how to express myself towards this, it feels great to be appreciated for your craft on your own. Would want to give thanks to my crew the management team Watta, Minnox and Michelle you guys have been working so hard my HKD Band crew pese patinoenda kuma shows they always come up with ideas of new songs thanks, family. My distributors, Jungle you always make sure my music reaches most territories 👏🏾 My respect also goes to Nama thanks for this big recognition not forgetting National Arts Council of Zimbabwe – NACZ for walking with us as artists all the way, Tinashe Mutarisi Hatipfeke junk this is for you my generals you are always behind me pandinodonha you lift me up. Beyond the boarders i would want to thank CHRISTOPHER MARTIN and his crew deyah ina JA thanks fam your contribution made a big difference !! All of this is made possible by the almighty #Kutenda 🙏🏾 GOD DID…
I hope you guys are also ready this March I have visuals on visuals rolling out. Starting 06.03 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

In other news – Freeman wins outstanding male musician at NAMA awards

Freeman and Baba Harare battled to the end and finally, the HKD man got the award in the end.

This year’s NAMA awards 2023 has been surrounded by a lot of controversies. The whole issue started when Qonfused called out the committee responsible for the awards for not nominating his work. On the other hand, Killer T also called the awards a mocker. Learn More

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