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Freeman wins outstanding male musician at NAMA awards

Freeman and Baba Harare battled to the end and finally, the HKD man got the award in the end

This year’s NAMA awards 2023 has been surrounded by a lot of controversies. The whole issue started when Qonfused called out the committee responsible for the awards for not nominating his work. On the other hand, Killer T also called the awards a mocker.


Today’s show has proven that the awards are beyond individuals as the class displayed is beyond anyone.

Well despite all these controvesies the Nama Awards have been a great milestone for many others , with Holy Ten hosting some of the segments , the opening of Feli Nandi and Juntal set the whole crowd ablaze. There has been various winners across all categories.


The good thing about the NAMA awards is that they not only recognise musicians but artists across all sectors including dancers , painters , sculpsts and many other categories.

In other news – Mai TT exposed by ex-lover Mr Obina

Drama keeps following Harare-based social media personality Felistas Murata, better known as Mai Titi. Her ex-husband Charles Obina Ugwa took to social media to expose the secrets of their relationship.

Hell broke loose when Obina chose to air his grievances with Mai Titi publicly, sharing old photos of their time together on social media. He accused her of being ashamed of his modest living conditions, writing;Learn More

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