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How to keep safe from electrical accidents in Cyclone Freddy zones

The Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company (ZETDC) has urged members of the public to take precautions to prevent electrical accidents during the period of Moderate Tropical Storm Freddy.

In a public notice issued on Thursday evening, ZETDC advised of safety tips for both indoor and output environments. ZETDC said:

Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company (ZETDC) wishes to advise the general public on ways to keep safe from electrical accidents during the period of Cyclone Freddy.

Unplug sensitive electronic equipment before the storm.
Turn off electronic appliances that were on before power was lost.
If you have to use any electrical appliance during a storm, always dry your hands before touching the electrical appliances.
When using an electrical appliance, make sure no part of it comes into contact with water and if it does happen, switch off and dry the appliance.
Never use water on an electrical fire. Use a multipurpose fire extinguisher instead.
Call the ZETDC National contact centre on 704 to report fallen power lines.
All fallen power lines should be treated as live and must not be tampered with during a rainstorm.
Waterbodies in contact with fallen power lines may be energized and thus should be avoided to prevent electrocution.
Never mow wet grass with an electric mower.
Do not stand under trees or electrical power lines during the rain.
If fallen lines come into contact with your vehicle, remain inside your vehicle and contact 704 for immediate help.
Do not drive over fallen power lines.
Use socket outlet covers for all outdoor sockets.
Please make sure all cables are well insulated and avoid using loosely connected or frayed cables.
While it’s raining, do not touch any electrical connections barefoot.

The Meteorological Services Department (MSD) has said as of Thursday evening, Moderate Tropical Storm Freddy was in the Mozambique channel headed West-South-West, slowly towards the south-eastern parts of Mozambique.

The Met Department said landfall is expected overnight [03:00 am Friday, 24 February 2023] in the southern parts of Mozambique, with its cloud bands spreading to cover a radius of 500km beyond the eye of the storm.

In other news  – Cyclone Freddy: Ministry of education suspends lessons in six provinces

The government has directed that day scholars attending schools in six out of the country’s ten provinces should not attend school on Friday, 24 February 2023 due to Tropical Cyclone Freddy which is approaching the country from Mozambique.

This was revealed in a circular dated 23 February 2023 and addressed to Chief Directors, Head Office Directors, Provincial Education Directors (PEDs), District School Inspectors (DSI), heads of Primary and Secondary schools, principals of independent colleges, staff associations, responsible authorities, Association of Trust Schools and church education secretaries. Learn More

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