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Newly born baby dumped dumped in Harare CBD

The mysteries in the country of Zimbabwe does not seem to end. According to Herald, there was a newly born child who was dumped on the road yesterday in Harare CBD.

One witness wrote: pane mwana rusvava araswa akaiswa mu paper bag pana Cameroon nabank, asi vakadzi chii nhai munhu amuwona ndevaye vanofamba vachinhonga mapper,

Other witnesses explained that the baby was dropped by a street kid. While many remained shocked of this tragedy there is a lot that the community needs to learn from this

Mothers are encouraged to reach out to social services in terms of unwanted pregnancies and it is also important for fathers to take ownership of their actions.

Source: H263

In other news – Man bashed by angry mob after being caught dumping a dead woman’s body at dumpsite

A 38-year-old suspect has been arrested after being caught at a Barberton dumping site in Mpumalanga on Sunday allegedly pushing a trolley which had a 19-year-old woman’s body wrapped inside a bag.

According to police, the suspicious-looking man caught the attention of three women when they saw him pushing a trolley that seemed heavy for him. Learn More

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